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Big Name Fan is a story written by Domashita Romero and illustrated by hybridcritter. It ran in Special Issue 7 at, and is mirrored at


From the author: "Bailey is writing an article about slash and meets Marcella, a prolific fanfic writer and happy resident of fandom. And then she meets her in real life and learns plenty about fandom, and more. This one is my love letter to fandom, pretty obviously."


The the characters from Marcella's show, Mars, feature in Five Times Roland Mars Didn't Hook Up With His Partner (and One Time He Did).

External Reviews[edit]

  • "This is the cutest thing oh my gosh. I was really delighted with the characters and the whole fantasy of meeting someone in real life from fandom and it going wonderfully. Also I would probably watch Mars simply because of the ridiculous magic concept (procedurals, boring! spells, awesome!)"