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In the past, various challenges have been posed to Shousetsu Bang*Bang's readership, and responses have been posted to bangbangwhimper.

Shousetsu Bang*Bang remix challenge[1][2] "The challenge will operate along the same parameters as fanfiction remix challenges - essentially, the remixer writes an alternate version of the original story she chose to remix. Since the result is a work of fanfiction and not an SSBB submission proper, the usual SSBB rules and guidelines do not apply. That means you are free to make it as long, short, or non-sex-scene-containing - heck, non-BL-containing - as you like."

The following remixes were posted:

Shousetsu Bang*Bang Themed Rec List Challenge[3] "The first one is the Themed Rec List Challenge. It's pretty easy: compile a list of story recommendations from the s2b2 archive, and post them here for other readers' perusal. The catch is that the recs must be themed (as you may or may not have guessed XD;). In other words, you can't merely list "my favorite stories from the past three issues", or even "top five stories by my favorite SSBB writer". The idea is to dig a little further into the archives than usual - early back issues, authors who only contributed once or twice, or maybe that one gem you always thought was underrated by the readership, if comment count was any indication."

The following lists were posted:

Shousetsu Bang*Bang Fanart and Icon Challenge[4] "The next SSBB challenge shines a spotlight on the visual artists and graphic designers among us. ^_^ Again, the idea is pretty straightforward: pick your favorite story from s2b2, draw fanart, post here in bangbangwhimper. You don't have to ask permission: writers can opt out by commenting to this post if they wish, but I've never personally met a writer who wasn't ecstatic to get fanart of their work."

The following works were posted:

Shousetsu Bang*Bang Fan Soundtrack Challenge[5] "The next SSBB challenge (by popular demand, although it was going to be this anyway *g*): create a fan soundtrack for a story from one of the past SSBB issues, and post it here in bangbangwhimper. Another alternative is to soundtrack an entire issue of SSBB (one track per story). You can make more than one FST, and there's no signup or permission - writers can opt out by commenting to this post."

The following Fan Soundtracks were posted: