An Origin

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An Origin is a story written by Ogiwara Saki. It ran in Issue 50 at, and is mirrored at


In colonial India, Edmund, a crippled British soldier, is assigned to investigate a murder at a local boys' school where he must work with Devraj, a schoolteacher by day, Darwinian naturalist by night.

From "An injured soldier finishes out his commission in India, at least partially on the grace of his rich aunt and uncle. Also a lovely look at the political and social situation of the setting and time period."

On a hot dry afternoon in Lucknow, two naturally reticent men were seated across each other for afternoon tea, and after attempting to avoid direct eye contact for a few minutes, their resultant conversation, more or less, went about as this:

"The weather," Edmund said.

"Yes, the sky," muttered Mr. Korrapati.

"Is very—"

"Blue," said Mr. Korrapati.

Author's notes[edit]

This is a story that's been mulling in the back of my mind for a while. I really liked the idea of the theory of evolution and natural selection framing the narratives about colonialism (as represented by Devraj) and the physical body (as represented by Edmund). My research about life in colonial India came from several books, but in the end as I was pressed for deadline I wasn't able to include all the little details I would have liked -- and I'm sure some of the historical facts are outright wrong, for which I do apologize.

This is the first story I've written for SSBB that has alternating POVs.

It's also the story that, in my head, I refer to as AND SCIENCE!