All parts there made one prisoner

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All parts there made one prisoner is a story written by Sparklebeard. It ran in Issue 83 at


Colin's partner is coming for a visit after several weeks away, and he's hoping they'll be willing to fulfill an intense sexual fantasy he's been too nervous to discuss until now. When your big alien lover has huge sharp fangs, it's not weird to think about them biting you and injecting you with paralytic fear-venom, right?


S2b2warning.png Content Warning: No safeword

A character has his ability to use a safeword or otherwise revoke consent during moderately dangerous sex completely removed, for a time; although he agrees to it beforehand there's less discussion of the situation than would be safe or advisable.

Author's Notes[edit]

The general idea for this story came to me while I was kayaking in the Puget Sound during a volunteer retreat for the sex ed org I work for, back in late summer 2017. A weird time to come up with a concept for a sex venom story, but somehow that's when it popped into my head. It percolated for about two and a half years and I'm glad I let the idea sit for that long; 2020 Mo has done a lot more writing than 2017 Mo had, and I wouldn't have been able to do the idea justice back then.

I purposefully left much of Zere's anatomy and overall look to the reader's imagination, but "six-armed, lavender, orchid mantis/borzoi hybrid" will get you most of the way to what I was envisioning. I'm honestly kind of sad the alien genitals I thought up didn't make it into the story; I wound up wanting the sex to be focused entirely on Colin. Sulka as a species don't have a concept of sex or gender beyond context they've picked up from dealing with humans, and even then it doesn't make a ton of sense to many of them; in the story I use they/them pronouns for Zere but their own language doesn't have gendered pronouns at all, of course.

An early draft of the story included more cultural context but it was bogging down the narrative so I removed it. At least I can elaborate here! Sulka evolved as predators who would ambush large prey and paralyze/pacify them with the venom in their bite. At some point there was a massive cultural shift away from violence and predation, related to but not a direct result of their earliest contact with off-world species, and many sulka chose to remove their venom sacs, either as infants or as young adults. Some families see this as going against their heritage and consider it a sign of "good breeding" and ancestral pride to retain one's venom, although even in these families few sulka ever use them other than in a coming-of-age ceremony in which they ritually subdue and consume prey. (In some areas, this tradition is so watered-down that a butchered and cooked animal, or an elaborate handcrafted doll, both symbolic of live prey, are "envenomated" by the rising adult.) Zere's family is one of these old-fashioned ones that insists on keeping their children "intact."

Fun fact: the title comes from ye olde horny poem "The Vine" by Robert Herrick.