On Content Warnings

In short, Shousetsu Bang*Bang does not provide official content warnings for its material. Content warnings are left up to creator discretion and are found in wiki entries, which are linked to at the top of every submission.

The project’s founder, petronia, made that decision when the project began in 2005; the goal was to create a space that both discouraged restraint for appearances’ sake and did not draw attention from forces that might seek to get the project banned from LiveJournal.

When I designed the SSBB ruleset, years before Fandom had its controversy over warnings and triggers, I was concerned – fundamentally, primordially – that it should be a space where people didn’t self-censor or tone down their kinks or worry about offending others with their imagination. I had a suspicion that warning for some stuff and not other stuff propagates, even unconsciously, the idea that the first list is less acceptable than the second list.


Some of the earliest stories contained warnings for elves, as a tongue-in-cheek reference to this policy. At present, warnings are only placed on a piece itself if both the creator requests it and the editors agree that the vast majority of people would want a heads-up about violent content contained within.

Beyond this, summaries and warnings are both left up to the discretion of the creators. Creators can choose to add (or not) this information to the piece’s wiki page, along with author’s notes, extra material, links to related works, and anything else of relevance. We feel this policy works best for two reasons:

1. It gives creators full control over how their works are characterized. One of the guiding principles of SSBB is that it’s very important that a piece gets presented the way the creator wants it to be. If authors and artists create their own summaries and warnings, the people who know the pieces best get to choose what information others should have going in.

2. It does not make the editors responsible for content. We are not tasked with creating an extensive tagging system for content, nor do we become responsible for creating the two-tiered list mentioned above. Behind the scenes, we may encourage certain creators to provide warnings or other information, but it’s ultimately up to indvidual creators.

Wiki pages are focused on but not limited to creator input. Other community members can edit any page and add summaries, labels, and content warnings as they find appropriate. Pages also often include links to reviews and summaries from other places online.

On the whole, however, warnings tend not to be necessary. Shousetsu Bang*Bang is a place that focuses on romance and happy endings. Of the 1000+ stories in the archive, fewer than 50 contain content warnings on their wiki pages.