Yes, And Special 1

cover by serenity_winner


Decanter, by Iron Eater*

Six Sundays in July, by shukyou (主教)*

Inspiration, by Fuuten Eki (瘋癲 易)

Slime Sacrifice?! A maiden’s nightmare!, by Tomoko Kaiawate

A Change of Colour, by Yūdoku Fukuronezumi (有毒 袋鼠)*

Now It Can Be Told, by Domashita Romero (地下ロメロ)*


And Babies Make Four, by neomeruru

Aroha, by Yuite Dio (神莠射手)


And now, for something completely different!

Welcome to our very first Yes, And issue, the special where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter. That’s right, the points are as useful as tits on a man! …Actually, those could be pretty dang useful. Maybe sometimes even preferable to the alternative! Okay, scratch that simile. New choice!

What we’ve collected for you here defies categorization — the one thing all these stories and art have in common is that they wouldn’t quite fit the bill of any of our more regular issues. (like a western!) So we’ve rounded them little doggies up and corralled ’em into one brand-spankin’-new high-falutin’ pen just for you city slickers. (like an infomercial!) But wait, there’s more! If you act right now, we’ll throw in gorgeous art! That’s right: six stories, twelve illustrations, two standalone art pieces, and a fabulous cover, all for the low, low price of absolutely free! (like a PSA!) So you may think you’re too cool to read this issue. But you’re not. Reading issues and leaving comments save lives. Every year! So don’t let peer pressure scare you away from what you know is right. It’s not just the ‘cool’ choice. It’s the smart one. And it’s the only one that’ll tell you–

Live from the internet, it’s Shousetsu Bang*Bang!

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