Issue 72: Sadie Hawkins

cover by nenene


One Thousand Years from Home, by T.F. Grognon, for password not required by beili
Rivoltade, by Iron Eater, for Looking in the window by Someone Else and Not So Bad by juou no zan (女王のザン)
Set My Pace, by Yuriaredaku (祐里あれ抱く), for Thief by erli
Come in under the shadow of this red rock, by Phun Saa (พรรษา), for Spirits by SemeSadique
The Reel of Rory McAllister and the Moonlit Man, by Hyakunichisou 13 (百日草 十三), for Dublin, 1926 by The Druid

Ceasefire, by aspectabund
protocol f[riend_], by beili
Texts, by erli
Display, by Fumiki-kun
Strange Bedfellows, by Iron Eater
Extremely Normal Vacation Selfie, by Iron Eater
Accidental Walkabout, by Iron Eater
Collision, by juou no zan (女王のザン)
Lap Sitting, by juou no zan (女王のザン)
Guardian, by SemeSadique
Two Kings, by SemeSadique
Shotgunning, by TakoOoYaki


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