Issue 7: Position of Power

cover by Nanashi

+ Closed Circuit, by Morokoshi Katsura (唐 桂)

+ The Boy and his Prince, by Parudesi (パルデシ)

+ Stress Relief, by Jump Ai (じゃんぷEYE) *

+ A tergo, by Lesbia (story removed from archive by author’s request)

+ Call Me Vasya, by kanatsu (かなつ)

+ No Reason to Cry Out Your Eyes (GO! GO! FIGHTING KING!), by Diamond Dazzler (ダイヤモンド・ダッズラー) *

+ Abuse of Authority, by Shinko Hisada (身固之妥) *

+ Tracks, by Mitsui Matsuri (蜜井茉莉) *

+ Reacquaintance, by Syouryuushi (翔琉子) *

+ The Soul of Jonathan, by shukyou (主教)

+ Take a Picture, by Shinju Yuri (真珠百合) *

+ Following Darkness Like a Dream, by Elenna Lapin

+ The Soulsinger, by Kuroi Fuji (九呂井ふじ)

+ Good for Nothing, by Kubaru Suki (少年好き配る)

+ Exchange for Money, by Kisarazu Megumi (如月図恵美)

+ Queen of Hearts, by Akane Arisu (赤音アリス)

+ Hinc lucem et pocula sacra, by geiriadur * (story removed from archive by author’s request)

+ Stained Glass Windows, by Chiame Ayame (血雨菖蒲)

+ Getaway, by Seihaku Perrito (精薄perrito)

+ Most Likely Loving You, by HOP

+ Sword, by Matsuo Akane (松雄あかね) *

+ Faith, by Tenno Ai (天之 愛)

* illustrated (i.e. probably NSFW)

In the manner of the lifelike Juan Antonio Samaranch, I proclaim this the best SSBB ever! *lifts hands* Please also to give a round of applause to dipping_sauce, who did all the uploading and not a little copy-editing this time around. : )

Love, the Editor

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