Issue 64: Theme Free

cover by Mister Loki


Jól, by shukyou

Try to keep it all the year, by Hyakunichisou 13 (百日草 十三)

The Prince’s Plaything, by juou no zan

Nonpareil Star Dawn, by TK Hoshikuzu (TK 星屑)

Obsidian Devil and the Dead Man’s Hand, by H.P. Lovecock (力。下。愛ちんちん) *

A Gentle Summer, by Emayel

Brittle Limit, by Iron Eater

* illustrated


Congratulations! The year’s almost over and you’re still standing! I think you deserve a reward … like a new issue!

As always, our year-end, theme-free big bang is an even mixed-er bag than our bags usually get. But never you fear: Every story is charming, heartwarming, and (perhaps most importantly) damn sexy! There’s even almost as many stories here as there are days left until Christmas, so if you want to treat this like a deliciously pornographic Advent calendar? We’ve got you covered.

As I said last month, we here at SSBB are so very grateful for all of you who’ve stuck with us, and as long as we can, we’re sticking with you. We’ll do our level best to bring you as many happy queer endings as we can stuff into our issues.

Of course, we need your help to make that stuffing! We’ve got our whole list of 2017 Themes and Dates planned out, and we encourage you to come be a part of as many as you’d like! We need authors, artists, and readers alike to keep this project going, so spread the word! We love new contributors and need your help to let them know that we’re here and waiting.

If you’re feeling the holiday spirit and want to do something simple to brighten someone’s day, try this: Pick a story or artwork you liked from one of the issues we ran this year and take a moment to leave a comment letting the creator know you appreciated their hard work. It doesn’t have to be complicated; even a simple “I really liked this” shows you care. You can even leave comments anonymously! Think of it as being a Secret Santa, with the added bonus of knowing that your encouragement now may produce more things you like in the future.

Whether your nights are long or short right now, and your temperatures high or low, we wish you nothing but the best for the rest of 2016, and we’ll see you all next year!

Merry Happy,
your editors

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