Issue 5: Second Chances & New Beginnings

cover by baby_pen

+ Unequal Exchange, by Tamanegi Amai (玉葱亜麻衣)

+ Between Skin And Sky, by Mitsui Matsuri (蜜井茉莉)

+ Once Upon A Yaoi Porn Manga, by Kubaru_Suki (少年好き 配る) *

+ Scarletina, by geiriadur (story removed from archive by author’s request)

+ Really Nothing, by Shou Aiko (性 愛子)

+ Garden Bunny, by Kisarazu Megumi (如月図恵美)

+ Temptation, by Ms. C. Mouse

+ World Enough, And Time, by Koizumi Shinme (恋墨新芽)

Yours on the very stroke of midnight–
Love, the Editor

(a round of thanks to Mari and Yun, for their help)

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