Issue 40: Theme Free

cover by Neru Momochimuchi (百千鞭練)


Forever Closing, by Hinata Yamimoto

The White Palace, by shukyou (主教) *

Tantantara! Tzing! Boom!, by Shikkoku no Suzu (漆黒のスズ) *

I Think You’ll Understand, by Critical Strike

Robin, after the apocalypse, by Hyakunichisou 13 (百日草 十三)

Greensinger, by hakugei (白鯨) *

The Eye and the Eye, by Ogiwara Saki (荻原咲)

The Gray Fox, by Noel Oliver

freedom will it capture, and lordship in its own wilderness, by Renaissance Makoto J (ルネサンス・真・J) *

The Stones’ Earthen Grasp, by Iron Eater *

Getting to Know You, by Yamamomo (ヤマモモ)

Everything living tries to get back to the soil, by Domashita Romero (地下ロメロ) *



Must be December, because I get to use my real voice.

2012 has been a fantastic year here at Shousetsu Bang*Bang! We’ve turned out eight great issues, some of which are among the best we’ve ever put out. Many constant favorite contributors have remained constant, more new faces have appeared on the scene, and some old friends have come back to us after absences both great and small. We’re still working out kinks and timing with some of our newer projects, so we appreciate both your enthusiasm for what we’ve accomplished already and your patience with what’s left to do.

As always, we couldn’t do it without you all: authors, artists, beta-editors, readers, supporters. An incredible amount of time and energy goes into getting every issue out, and we know that for every author and artist credited, there are dozens more who’ve provided encouragement and spread the word, without whom this would literally not be possible. Thank you for all the submissions, comments, reblogs, retweets, favorites, reviews, recommendations, and everything else you do that helps keep this project going.

Here’s to the coming year! May it be full of exciting themes, contributors new and old, surprises, nonsense, and downright dirty delights.

See you in 2013,
your editors

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