Issue 28: Theme Free

image by agentagnes


This Christmas, by Yamanashi Moe (山梨もえ)

Coming Undone, by Roumonte Emi (竜主天 蝦)

so werd ich dich auf meinem Blute tragen, by shukyou (主教)*

Gordian Knot, by bupparo

But It’s Better If You Do, by Hinotori (火鳥)

Where You Have Yet To Go, by Ogiwara Saki (荻原咲)*

Chasing the Fox, by drakonlily

Dragon’s Head, Snake’s Tail, by MYŌGADANI Mōra (茗荷谷 望裸)

The Imitated Rose, by Kagamine Marin (鏡音愛鈴)

Happiness Is, by Marin Karen (マリン カレン)

The Library, by Yoiyami

Fantasies & Desires, by Phail

A Day in the Life of an Onmyouji (榊先生の日常), by Kikuchi Makoto (菊池 誠)

10-11-01, by Azia C. Ita*

A Holiday Romance of Sorts, by Diabla616*

Advance to Go, by Usagi Anami (兎あなみ)

The Pen, by Kougyoku (紅玉)


Dare I Say, by Lord Mune

Disciple, by Chickenteeth

Yeah, Merry Christmas to You Too, Asshole!, by Seiwa Kaiyura

Detention, by ms_greency

Warmth, by Bluejuice (青液)

What Price to Pay, by adayume


‘Tis the season for theme-freeness, fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaa~

Some of you may have noticed this last issue, but: lives! There’s not much there right now, obviously, but it’s a place for us to upload all images and associated files, and we’ve got future plans to make it a somewhat more browsable archive of past stories and issues. So that’s exciting!

In the meantime, though, bundle up by a warm fire with a cup of hot cocoa — or by an air-conditioning unit with an iced beverage, for those of us operating in more southerly locations — and enjoy the lovely goodness that is our lovely theme-free holiday issue! And in the spirit of this season of giving, don’t forget to give authors and artists alike some love in the comments! Remember, it’s not the size of the gift, but the thought that counts most of all.

With love and wishes for a Merry 2010 and Happy 2011,
your editors

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