Issue 21: Pirates vs. Ninjas

image by adayume and cleyra

+ Help, by frostfire

+ Lost, by Hana Chikai (羽名血海)*

+ Avast Conspiracy! by Hinotori (火鳥)

+ Cables To Cobwebs, by B. B. Dox

+ Lights, Action, by Oneira

+ …A Boy Will Do, by Kuruki (来木)*

+ Evolution, by Jestana* (story removed from archive by author’s request)

+ The In-Between, by Bara Akai (薔薇・赤い)*

+ Keep The Door Shut, by Umeko Noa (梅子乃愛)

+ Slow World In A Universe Too Fast, by Tsubaki (鍔き)*

+ Teiresias’ Kin: Blossom and Thorn, by Delyth Penrose

* illustrated

O-tsukare-sama to dipping_sauce for the upload, and to the general you for doing a great Occam’s Razor job with a wacky theme. There are a couple of sequels and carry-overs from previous issues; as well as a cameo appearance, if I’m not mistaken, for aficionados of Easter eggs. XD

Happy All Hallows’ Week, and don’t let the flu bug bite!

Love, the Editor

P.S. I don’t usually make editorial recs off the archive, but for the sake of relative newcomers it’s hard to let this theme go without highlighting The Ballad Of Barefoot Robin, or The Ridiculous Seduction Of Lieutenant Worthington by Roumonte Emi, surely the granddaddy of the genre as it pertains to SSBB. IIRC this was also the story that made two-parters possible, in the sense that I was hardly going to let wordcount prevent me from running it. XD

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