Issue 2: Tales of Magic and Mystery

cover by wenlet

+ My Love For One Day, by Yamanashi Moe (山梨もえ)

+ Along The Desert Path, by Tamari Erin (玉里えりん)

+ Time-out! by Mamih Lapinatapai

+ Conference Of Love, by Hanamichi Ichigo (花道イチゴ)

+ Currents, by Kikuchi Makoto (菊池 誠)

+ Smeared Ink, by Domashita Romero (地下ロメロ)

+ Emerald Tiger, by Shinju Yuri (真珠百合)

+ Wrapped Around My Little Finger, by Roumonte Emi (竜主天 蝦)

+ Sharizade, by Nara Kagerou (奈良蜻蛉)

+ Snake, by Shikagawa Hebiko (鹿皮へび子)

+ Witching Hour, by Morokoshi Katsura (唐 桂)

+ Distance, by Natsuno Owari (夏野オワリ)

+ The Spell, by Shuua (シューア)

Happy Halloween! : )
Love, the Editor

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