Issue 17: Theme Free

cover by semiramis

+ Redux, by Zack (ザックス) for quaedam

+ The Rabbit and the Wolf, by Eri Mori (絵理燃利)

+ Cheesecake and the Art of Political Warfare, by Sakana Sara (魚 サラ) *

+ The Mechanical Turk, by shukyou (主教) for susieoh

+ Pulling Together, by newtypeshadow

+ Herr Hall, by Togi Kayako (土宜草子)

+ Plumbing the Depths of Mystery: Part Five Of A ‘Horrors By Gaslight’ Serial Novel In Sixteen Thrilling Parts! by Roumonte Emi (竜主天 蝦)*

+ Push/Pull, by Daifuku Hoyako (惰猪腹ほや子)

+ Looking Outward-Inward, by Hashinaka Choko (橋中蝶子) *

+心也許很小很小世界卻很大很大 (The Heart may be Tiny but the World’s Enormous), by Shukyou (主教)

+ Warmth, by Kuruki (来木)

+ The Emperor’s Last Concubine, by Yamanashi Moe (山梨もえ) *

* illustrated

Thanks to dipping_sauce, the beta readers, and a special round for semiramis and the other illustrators who came through when there was an eleventh-hour hiccup. Only two giftfics made the deadline, but if you started writing one, please do finish and send it in for a future issue!

Happy reading, and may 2009 be brighter than 2008.

Love, the Editor

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