Issue 14: Short & Sweet (part 1)

cover by olukemi

* illustrated

[ Part Two ]

By the way, I was expressly asked to mention this in the issue: in case anyone is wondering, there is no limitation on who can comment on stories, whether regulatory or customary. ^_^ SSBB writers are a friendly bunch and respond to each other’s work with a fair bit of enthusiasm, but that doesn’t mean readers-only or lurkers on the comm can’t provide feedback or squee, quite the contrary. I figure I speak for all contributors to the zine when I say that all comments are welcome. (They don’t necessarily have to be all sunshine and roses either, as long as they’re not flames. And yes, for the record, the All-Seeing Editorial Eye skims them all. In the last 2 1/2 years I’ve had to screen… two? Good job, folks.)


the Editor

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