Issue 103: Off the Beaten Path

cover by the Druid


Miles and Miles of Ice and Snow, by Kit Miller

Bowerbird, by Sparklebeard

Keeper’s Finder, by Togi Kayako (土宜草子)

If These Mountains Could Talk, by Torino Koji

Fairy in the Forest, by EmboSnoodler

Reverse Cowgirl (Not Gay as in Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, Queer as in Dude Ranch), by shukyou (主教) *

Queen Baiting, by juou no zan (女王のザン)

Glimmerite, by Someone Else

Lucky Stars, by Cowboy Rider

Making the Dream Work, by Iron Eater *

Fallen Dust, by Johannes T. Evans

The Shape of a Place Out West, by stills

* illustrated


Now you see here, what you’re going to want to do is, you’re going to take a left out of here and go all the way to the light.

That’ll take you to the main road. But you don’t want to get on the main road, because that’ll take you where you don’t want to be. Instead, go past the exit to the main road and take another left. That’s where you should start seeing the porn fields. Had a bumper crop this year. Real good harvest.

Once you see those, go another mile, mile and a half. That’ll take you to another intersection, where you’ll start to see signs for what you’re looking for. The older ones look a little run down, maybe, but they’ve been here since ’05, same as the rest of us. Take the next right, then not the next left but the one after that, then over the bridge and another right.

If you see a paywall, you’ve gone too far. That’s somebody else’s. We don’t go in for that sort of thing around here. Free range queer smut only.

Once you’re past the bridge, you’re almost there. There’s lots of little stands along the path where you can leave comments for the creators, so be sure to stop by those on your way. Go on another half-mile and the new issue’s right over the ridge, you can’t miss it.

Safe travels, stranger. Hope we’ll see you around these parts again soon.

(For summaries, creators’ notes, and more, we would usually tell you to see this issue’s entry on the Shousetsu Bang*Bang wiki. In the interim, however, please visit the relevant Google Doc of contributor commentary for similar content.)