Artists’ Special 3: Distant Shores

cover by detonate


The Seal & the Skraeling, by Iron Eater

Third Moon Rising, by n_th_green

Ferryman, by fightfair and schumie

Cosmic Quest: Mind Over Body, by leadengine and pixiepunch

Undertow, by staringatsuns

Skies Below, by Yuite Dio (神莠射手)

The Pine Wind, by beili and MYŌGADANI Mōra (茗荷谷 望裸)


Across the sea, across the stars, across distances beyond even time itself — to you have come these treasures, each worth many thousands of words, from the pens and tablets of Shousetsu Bang*Bang’s oft-unsung heroes: the artists. Feast your eyes on these glorious sights, internetlubbers, and let yourself be transported to distant lands of imagination, romance, and very sexy bits! And don’t forget to leave a coin or two for your passage — reblogs, retweets, even a kind word will do. The hands that have worked so tirelessly to bring you on these voyages will thank you.

We remain, as always,

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