Artists’ Special 1

cover by pinstripesuit


A Hot Chicago Weekend, by The Winter Cynic and The Autumn Poet

The Perfect Fit, by Melanofly (メラノ飛)

Graphic Language, by pseudonymeter

Rain Dogs, by detonate and shukyou (主教)

All the King’s Men, by Lord Mune

Uncaged, by ukiiukii and ardent_star

Mo Chuisle, by olukemi

Impositio Manus, by Bluejuice (青液)

Stadium Love, by Lord Mune

The Crane, by fightfair and Tsukizubon Saruko (月図凡然る子)


Shousetsu Bang*Bang is proud to announce the opening of our newest collection: Artist Special #1, an installation of single images and sequential art.

The exhibition showcases works by a dozen emerging and established international artists, some of whom are celebrating ther first forays into their chosen media, and some of whom are featured in this project for the first time. All pieces have been specifically commissioned for this collection, as these graphic artists have been invited both to contribute solo pieces and to collaborate with writers. The volume and diversity of the collection as well as the effort it took to assemble it is staggering.

Artist Special #1 is the first in a planned continuing series of exhibitions. This installation is a permanent part of our collection and will be on display to the public indefinitely. Admission is free to all, and the gallery is open year-round, rain or shine.

Exhibition made possible by by donations and feedback from participants, viewers, and your editors.

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