Artist Special 8: Hidden Pleasures

cover by Astasia


Asterism‎, by Iron Eater

Deer and Faun‎, by Astasia

lux‎, by beili

Greek Kiss, by Astasia


BREAKING: Pornographic Queer Webzine Unearths Stunning Art

Researchers from the University of Shousetsu Bang*Bang have announced today the discovery of a new issue, Hidden Pleasures.

The contents of this issue, as reported by researchers, are three indvidual illustrations and a full comic, collected under a cover of similar high quality.

If verified, this find would be the eighth of its kind, after seven previous annual Artist Specials.

This issue will be on display in perpetuity at, where it joins several other issues as an ongoing testiment to the craft and ingenuity of these volunteer artisans.

Admission is free, though donations of appreciative comments are welcome.

See this issue’s entry on the Shousetsu Bang*Bang wiki.