Artist Special 7: Stormy Weather

cover by Nero O’Reilly


Petrichor, by nenene (ねねね)

it’s called being discreet, by beili

Sunset For Two, by Yuriko Toru (百合子 亨)

got a light?, by beili

Cloud Throne, by Someone Else

Out of Phase, by Iron Eater


Shousetsu Bang*Bang Global Distribution Service
Mon Sep 25 2017


Monitoring stations are reporting a new issue forming this morning and continuing to develop as the week goes on. The combination of artistic goodness and smutty conditions brings to Shousetsu Bang*Bang an annual phenomenon known as the Artist Special Issue. Individuals in impacted areas should be on the lookout for pinups and comics, and react accordingly.

* WIND… Love is in the air 20 to 30 mph with gusts 30 to 45 mph.

* HEAT… Rising with increased proximity to sexiness. Those with sensitive conditions should remain indoors, preferably near a computer screen and a cool beverage.

* IMPACTS… Initial accounts report pleasant distractions from other concerns and generally improved Monday conditions. These conditions will last through the week and on into the foreseeable future.


If you are seeing this warning, the issue has already arrived in your area. Shelter in place and enjoy its beautiful contents. Interact with others via social media to spread awareness. Leave comments for creators to acknowledge their hard work. Be on the lookout for future systems developing and plan accordingly. Smut preparedness is everyone’s business, and only you can prevent a critical shortage in these desperate times.

For further important bulletins and information, stay tuned to

See this issue’s entry on the Shousetsu Bang*Bang wiki.