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SSBB 2024 Publishing Schedule

We’ve had our 100th issue. We’ve had our 18th birthday. What’s next for Shousetsu Bang*Bang? Only 2024 will tell!

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Issue 107: Yes, Chef
* issue date: Monday, February 26
* text deadline: Tuesday, February 13
* art deadline: Saturday, February 24
Order up! This obedient issue is full of culinary delights and ready to serve.

Issue 108: Another Round
* issue date: Monday, April 29
* text deadline: Tuesday, April 16
* art deadline: Saturday, April 27
Ever had something so nice you wanted it twice? Our April issue is the place for bringing back the good stuff.

SPECIAL NOTE: Shousetsu Bang*Bang usually insists that every story stand alone, so that new readers can always jump right in. For this issue, however, we’re welcoming direct sequels, prequels, and tales otherwise connected to other stories that have run in past issues. We’ll even link directly to each piece’s predecessor(s) so everyone can get the full story!

Issue 109: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
* issue date: Monday, June 24
* text deadline: Tuesday, June 11
* art deadline: Saturday, June 22
Set sail for parts unknown in this nautical issue! Watch out for seamen.

Issue 110: Neon Lights
* issue date: Monday, August 26
* text deadline: Tuesday, August 13
* art deadline: Saturday, August 24
Whether you’re feeling a retro vibe or a cyberpunk buzz, August’s issue is all about the bright night life.

Issue 111: Hauntology
* issue date: Monday, October 28
* text deadline: Tuesday, October 15
* art deadline: Saturday, October 26
Join us for some spectral studies in our traditionally spooky October issue, where the past haunts the present (but, like, in a sexy way).

Issue 112: Theme Free
* issue date: Monday, December 30
* text deadline: Tuesday, December 10 [note that this is a week earlier than usual!]
* art deadline: Saturday, December 28
Get ready to ring in the new year with the biggest of our issues, where no theme and no upper word count limit mean you never know what you’re going to get — or how much of it!