Editorial Calendar

SSBB 2023 Publishing Schedule

2023’s a big year — our eighteenth in production! This means Shousetsu Bang*Bang will finally be old enough to read itself. Here’s the schedule so you can read along with it!

To make sure you don’t miss a single deadline, click here for our Google calendar with the dates pre-loaded.

Issue 101: Back to Basics
* issue date: Monday, February 27
* text deadline: Tuesday, February 14
* art deadline: Saturday, February 25
There’s no school like old school! Celebrate SSBB’s roots with the most essential romance tropes you’ve got.

Issue 102: The Monster in My Closet
* issue date: Monday, April 24
* text deadline: Tuesday, April 11
* art deadline: Saturday, April 22
Let whatever’s hiding under your bed come out for this creature feature with a domestic flair!

Issue 103: Off the Beaten Path
* issue date: Monday, June 26
* text deadline: Tuesday, June 13
* art deadline: Saturday, June 24
Get out the map and get ready to take the backroads for the kind of far-flung adventures you can only have outside the city limits.

Issue 104: Barely Legal
* issue date: Monday, August 28
* text deadline: Tuesday, August 15
* art deadline: Saturday, August 26
On September 9, 2005, Shousetsu Bang*Bang published its first-ever issue.  This year, we’re inviting you to a birthday party so good … it might be criminal.

Issue 105: Skin Deep
* issue date: Monday, October 30
* text deadline: Tuesday, October 17
* art deadline: Saturday, October 28
Give our traditionally spooky Halloween issue a hand by bringing your best erotic body horror!

Issue 106: Theme Free
* issue date: Monday, December 18
* text deadline: Tuesday, December 5
* art deadline: Saturday, December 16
December brings the return of our theme-free big bang! Come do your own thing, and as much of it as you want.