Issue 79: When on High

cover by Tintin Pantoja


a kept woman, happily, by A.S. Mara *

A Star to Sail By, by Salem Fitzgerald

By the Light of Day, by Ana Miruko

The Weight of What We Owe, by Iron Eater *

Cheat Codes, by Arson

Her Lover’s Salt, by Himawari

𒀭, by shukyou *

* illustrated


When on high the internet had not been named,

The world wide web had not been called by name,

Naught but the authors and artists, their begetters,

And Shousetsu Bang*Bang, who bore them all,

Their contributions commingling as a single smutty body;

No recommendations had been tweeted, no little green hearts had been clicked,

When no appreciation whatever had been spoken into being,

Unshared on social media, their destinies undetermined—

Then it was that the the new issue was formed within them.

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