Issue 107: Yes, Chef

cover by melanofly


Everything’s Easy, by Domashita Romero (地下ロメロ)

A Lick of Sense, by Cowboy Rider

some you bend and some you break, by zerodignity

He who Follows, by Shrimp King

Ideal Pairing, by shukyou (主教)

All the Flavors in Neapolitan Ice Cream are Delicious, by Kit Miller

Comedy Tonight, by Iron Eater *


Things to Call Your Dom That Aren’t Daddy or Sir, by the Winter Cynic


Shousetsu Bang*Bang Issue 107 (just like Mom used to make!)

6 ½ c. authors
2 ½ c. artists
3 c. romance
1 tsp. intrigue
2 ¼ tsp. fluff
nuts (optional)
spice to taste

In a medium bowl: Add characters. Beat until stiff.  Fold in other plot elements and whip until light and fluffy. Mix in comments and shares from grateful readers. Stir until combined.

Bake at 369° until golden brown and happily ever after.

Serves: the entire internet

(For summaries, creators’ notes, and more, we would usually tell you to see this issue’s entry on the Shousetsu Bang*Bang wiki. In the interim, however, please visit the relevant Google Doc of contributor commentary for similar content.)