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      This is the beta sign-up post for the Things That Go Bump in the Night issue (text deadline Tuesday, October 20). If you would like to beta-read for this or any other upcoming issue, comment here with the number of stories you’re willing to handle, which issue(s) you’ll be available for, any other notes on your betaing style (e.g., if you’re willing to help with issues other than spelling/grammar, such as plot, characterization, prose flow), and the best way to get in touch with you.

      You may comment here also if you need a beta reader for your submission, particularly if you have specific issues with your story that you think might benefit from a new set of eyes. Please indicate clearly whether you’re seeking a beta or volunteering as one.

      To avoid blind-leading-the-blind situations, please volunteer as a beta reader only if you yourself are confident of your spelling, grammar and syntax, and that words mean what you think they mean when you use them in sentences.

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