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Current Issue: The Monster in My Closet

This is Shousetsu Bang*Bang‘s back issue library. If you’re new to Shousetsu Bang*Bang, you can consult the most liked submissions, or you can look through the reader-created recommendation lists on the wiki.

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2023 Editorial Calendar:

Issue 101: Back to Basics
Issue 102: The Monster in My Closet 
Issue 103: Off the Beaten Path
Issue 104: Barely Legal
Issue 105: Skin Deep
Issue 106: Theme Free Big-Bang


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The Adult Artists Webring is a directory of visual artists creating erotic content who want to connect and promote in ways not limited to the whims of social media or large corporations. Creators of adult art frequently are pushed off the very platforms that they helped make popular with their work. By joining a central database, artists can forge new connections and share their audience with other creators.

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