Editor in Chief: ladysisyphus

W2/ladysisyphus started writing for SSBB in 2006, took over editorial duty for the f/f special issues in 2008, and co-took the reins for the whole thing in 2010. At any given moment, she'd rather be doing this than working on her Ph.D, that's for dang sure. She likes all things queer, religious, and/or nerdy.

Editor, Social Media Coordinator: beeblebabe

beeblebabe began writing for Shousetsu Bang*Bang in 2005, and assumed the co-editor position with ladysisyphus in 2010. She enjoys food, alcohol, and obsessively checking social media sites. She is most likely to be found writing another story about zombies, this time probably involving middle-aged men.

Editor Emeritus: petronia

petronia founded Shousetsu Bang*Bang in 2005 and led it through a highly successful five year run. She handed over the torch to ladysisyphus and beeblebabe in 2010.

Webmaster: relvetica

relvetica hosts and -- in a matter of speaking -- designs and maintains SSBB's website. She's recently been putting together ebook and print editions of the magazine. She is not very good at her job.

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