You said Yes as I said Please

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art by Mister Loki
You said Yes as I said Please is a story written by Kimyō Tabibito and illustrated by MisterLoki. It ran in Issue 49 at, and is mirrored at It is a part of the SEQ universe.


Keith looked up at me, chin resting on the center of my chest. "Happy Father's Day, sir."

Authors Notes[edit]

I wanted to do my best to bring a realistic Daddy/boy couple to life. More importantly, I wanted to write about insecurities and how they play a role in desire, sex, and sexuality, particularly when dealing with a kink that is fraught with strong connotations.

The title is a blatant rip off from the lyrics of Not with Haste by Mumford and Sons.

This story is dedicated in memory of Akane Arisu, who while no longer with us, was the driving force in getting this finished.

External Reviews[edit]

  • "A simple D/s scene. “Father’s Day” seems to have lent itself well to that kink, I must say."