You Just Might Get It

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You Just Might Get It is a story written by juou no zan. It originally ran in Yes, And 3 at, and is mirrored at


From "A couple goes to dinner with the wife’s old girlfriend, and then two of them end up acting out the fantasies of the third. I might say this was the hottest of the bunch, even if I’m not usually into the ladies."

Author's Notes[edit]

This story originally ran without author's notes, mostly because the author lost a fight to pointless anxiety.

This entire story basically sprung fully formed in my brain one day, shortly after I learned two of my exes were engaged. None of the characters in the story are exactly any one of us, but I took a lot of little details from one of the three of us for various characters. To my knowledge, the cuckolding thing is not one of them. That was just me being annoyed with how much bullshit evopysch masculinity weirdness was tied up in literally every cuckolding porn I had ever seen, when I can see the appeal of that kink, and I am pretty sure as a non-dude with zero tolerance for bullshit evopysch possessiveness, that is not actually the root of why some people think this is hot. And by pretty sure I mean certain, since there is at least one person in the world (me) for whom bullshit evopsych masculinity has nothing to do with it.

My point is: although my exes eventually broke off their engagement and their relationship, they are sort of immortalized here, by the weird porn their mutual ex wrote.