You Drive Me Crazy

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You Drive Me Crazy is a story written by Shinju Yuri and illustrated by sakkiarte. It ran in Issue 12 at, and is mirrored at


From "Preceded by the awesome Your Cover's Blown. which introduced Frederick, a young man with two careers and Walter, the steam engineer who loves him. In this story their domestic bliss is interrupted when Fredrick's old rival from school, St. John, drops into town. After a dinner party, it's on. Will St. John succeed in unmasking Frederick's secret?"

From "The third fic in the Walter-the-inventor/Frederick-the-cat-burglar 'verse. One of Frederick's school friends is back in town: a gentleman detective who swears to uncover the identity of the master thief plaguing the city."


This story is preceded by Your Cover's Blown and Loving You More, and followed by wherever this may find you, your woman, and seasonal.