Yes, Even Educated Fleas

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Yes, Even Educated Fleas is a story written by frostfire. It ran in Issue 19 at, and is mirrored at


  • From the Slash Pile: "dave, assistant to management got sent downstairs to research&dev for a missing file and meet all around nice-guy trevor who might or might not be flirting with him. cute little story of office romance, very subtle and lovely."
  • From "Contains skydiving and pianos and drunken joy."
  • From "Dave is having a uttterly shitty day until his boss sends him down to R&D to get some design specs, and he gets to meet Trevor, who saves him from Bob."
  • From "Lovely meet-cute workplace romance!"

External Reviews[edit]

  • "So adorable. The characterizations here are just lovely. Some maybe-flirting leads to some maybe-dating between two boys in an office."
  • "Mmm, more office stories. With a cute tech geek, even."
  • "okay, so, this story is pure unadulterated schmoop, with no pretensions of anything deeper, and i love it for that. just a cute love story between a hassled office worker and an engineer, with lots of banter and fun dialogue."
    Oh god. So, okay let me just make a note before I c&p my comment here. I don't make a habit on comment on an s2b2 fic unless it does something like make me love life and everything to do with the written word, and only if I know, by the end, that this is a story I will never ever ever forget (Songs You Know By Heart by Dr.Noh is a perfect example). Just. Okay, c&p time:

    A thousand times YES. ♥ This was perfect, just. God, everything was so real and believable and HEY they're real people with regular issues and quirks and hobbies and insecurities and I love it and I didn't even have to get a third of the way through before I started hoping it would never end. ♥ x a bajillion million billion.