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War Bonds is a story written by shukyou and illustrated by serenity_winner. It ran in Special Issue 7 and can be found at http://s2b2.livejournal.com/211655.html and http://www.shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/war-bonds/.


A woman whose husband has gone off to fight in WWII finds a friend in a fellow factory worker.

It was the war's fault that she was there, in dungarees and with all her wavy red hair tied back in a kerchief, her hands grubby in the crevices of her knuckles and palms, holding pneumatic tools she hadn't known had existed two weeks before, wearing a gold locket with Tom's picture in it the way his letters promised he kept what few pictures he had of her wedged in the crevices of the metal that held his bunk to the wall. The war was responsible for how the nails she'd always kept so nice were ragged at the tips and cuticles, and rimmed around and beneath with heavy black-brown grease; the war was why she came home to an empty house and cooked supper for one and jumped in the middle of the night at every unexplained noise and sometimes stayed awake until dawn, hugging Tom's pillow to her chest and telling herself it was going to be all right.

She wouldn't complain; she was a good girl who never complained. She just wanted God and the rest of the universe to be clear on the point of the matter of her suffering. She had done nothing wrong; it was the war.

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Author's Notes[edit]

So once upon a time, during the great morass of misery that was last year, beeblebabe used the phrase 'WWII drag' to describe My Chemical Romance's The Ghost of You video. Through several subsequent steps and leaps of great nonsense, we came to this particular scenario. Credit as usual goes to her for helping bring a lot of this to life, especially the cuteness that is Patty. (She also came up with the title!)

There are lots of stories out there about housewives of this era trapped in awful marriages, and a lot of lesbian stories that pick up on that unhappiness and solve it with lady love. While many of these scenarios are both fun to read about and reflective of real-life situations, I wanted to do a story where the initial marriage is not only good, it's great! Therefore, the lesbianism isn't salvation, it's complication -- and one I didn't want to take the easy way out of by having Tom die nobly in war, leaving his widow in predictable need of comfort.

I feel all works out well in the end for all participants, though, including the children, who will grow up parented by a kind father, a doting mother, and a cool aunt.

It was a fun challenge trying to write a dirty sex scene with a narrator whose dirty word vocabulary is very small. Patty will love 'fuck' and 'clit' and 'cock' when she someday learns them, but for now, she makes do. ...Truth be told, Patty doesn't have a bunch of the words I feel would more correctly describe the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality going on around her, but she's a product of her time and place and upbringing. She's not going to realize that what she's in is a polyamorous relationship until she's old enough to collect Social Security.

Patty cries a lot in this story, and I'm only vaguely sorry. It was a really emotional time!

serenity_winner has gone above and beyond with these illustrations, I need to note, and if you're interested, you should hit her up for commissions, as her work is obviously spectacular. I tell you the truth, the second I knew I was going be doing this story, I knew she had to be the one to draw for it, because she draws the best fatties.

Speaking of fat hotties, Patty and Lou's character designs were inspired by April Flores and Dylan Ryan (and oh is this link NSFW like woah), respectively. If you are into fat, queer, gorgeous porn stars, April Flores is like a dream come true. (If Patty had been born c. 1985 rather than c. 1925, she might have enjoyed taking a similar trajectory with her life.) As a plus-sized lady who is a fan of other plus-sized ladies, I liked getting the opportunity to put a real big girl into the story and make her totally sexy; my only regret with choosing not to make Lou the narrator is that I didn't get to go on about how incredibly hot Patty is. But I think her actions spoke for that, and if that gorgeous pinup didn't convince you, perhaps nothing will.

(from http://ladysisyphus.livejournal.com/797137.html)

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