Ve Cherinitat ral ve Mofellivun

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Ve Cherinitat ral ve Mofellivun is a story written by juou no zan. It ran in Issue 54 at, and is mirrored at


From "The occupant of a single prison cell acquires a cellmate, with whom he has no common language."

From "set in a prison. The hero gets a new roommate and they have to learn to communicate. "

Author's Notes[edit]

First of all, yes, there is a glossary (in both chronological and alphabetical orders, plus bonus grammar notes). This is who I am, and so if this is also who you are, you’re welcome. Obviously I treated Bashad as if it was English in this story, but it is not, and if that use of the translation convention makes this a little nonsensical, well, I figured it would be better than a story written in two fake languages no one could read.

Secondly, wow, this is the first time I’ve actually finished a story I set out to write for S2B2! It is also, not coincidentally, the first story I’ve finished in like. Six years.

If you’re wondering where this story came from, all I can tell you is that I started scribbling furiously during a prison episode of Deep Space Nine that bears very little resemblance to this story, and wrote most of it on my breaks while working backstage on the tour of Motown. This also has very little bearing on this story.

So mostly, I guess, this story comes from a desire to see more prison sex stories with long discussions of consent, linguistic discussions, and tender, happy endings. Also people putting their fingers in each other’s mouths.

Thank you for reading my weird conlang prison story! Hopefully you enjoyed it.

(mirrored from


Word/Phrase Translation
Ya Hi
Va sini chali This is a disaster
lichan sorry
feli nu Good night
ni no
sati yeah/okay
Fale chelat ni Silverware isn't
Ni sinu dalitu It's not your fault
tifalat food
silifan bed
genola angry/anger
fellaninu (bad) liar
cherinitat spy
valesi rinse
Lechen felliniti sii He shaves us
sitellin joke
kula tongue
alanifa thank you
pekini a swear word (i never decided lol don't look at me)
terenal although (but/if)
feriva a different swear word
boniyu Good night
pallechema meditate
Beli sinun Who are you
Galliya My name is
yemirani ambassador
Sina mach see tekifa vilimu I'm here to take you home
Saa wodekun mekal, meneki Give me a moment, please
Ni erakanu. Ni zejeka vin porella. Sinu Sorinifu zelle zelle wu saa. Not goodbye. I don't want to think that. You mean too much to me.
Suun zellanavi, yifa saa You're frightening him, let me
Saa mochenikun bel gor Tell him why
Saa mochenikun boni molivat rofelli. Tell him he gives good head.
Sini galani. Sinun ni fellanat, ni? It's the truth. You're not a liar, are you?
Va sini sitellin, sitenillin This is a joke, a bad joke
Alanifa zelle Thank you very much

Malachita Notes[edit]

  • in Malachita, pronouns can be left out of most sentences and phrases bc of the use of endings indicating person (did i crib this from spanish? yes. yes i did)
  • pronunciation is pretty quick on the vowels, hence why Jaden often leaves them out in his reproductions of Malachita words
  • conversely Malachita does not really have dipthongs--their vowels are monopthongs or (rarely) glides (y, w)
  • Malachita also has more liquids than Bashad or even English, so there are some things that aren't being distinguished between here because the latin alphabet doesn't let me do that very easily haha
  • word order in Malachita is p free, again bc of grammatical endings letting things be unambiguous--Chenillin's a smart dude and realizes that there is something going on there, so he uses very simple word order because he has no idea what the different word orders mean--he just knows Bashad does "subject verb object" most often, so he sticks with that unless he's straight up copying Jaden
  • some sounds are overrepresented here because i was doing most of this on the fly without a chart, some are underrepresented bc i forgot Malachita had them
  • anyway notable sounds Malchita does not have : th sounds, hard g except at the start of a word, shh
  • Malachita words generally go consonant-vowel(-consonant-vowel-etc). can end with consonants or vowels, but can only start with consonants
  • this is a LITTLE haphazard but i have been keeping a word list since like page three so it should be pretty consistent
  • oh also vowels are pronounce the romance language way--you know, consistently, unlike in English, so: a -ah e-eh i-ee o-oh u-oooh
  • Malachita also doesn't use tense the same way English (or apparently Bashad) does. Like it does not get marked, you figure it out from context, like in Chinese.
  • ALSO Malachita totally does the repetition as emphasis thing that some languages did--to say something was really big you say it was "big big" etc
  • nouns end with vowel (+ [n or t]); verbs end w/vowels OR vow + n

(from author's original google doc)