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Triptych is a standalone illustration by Someone Else. It ran in Issue 70 at

Author's Notes[edit]

These all take place on transit in major European cities.

The top one is on the Berlin U-Bahn on a DL type train. These trains have the classic U-Bahn pattern on the seats and faux wood walls see The example in wikimedia doesn't have the Brandenburger Tor anti-graffiti stickers on the windows, but currently running ones do (at least that I've seen).

The second one is on the Paris RER B line. The RER lines form part of the subway system in the downtown and are commuter lines running at ground level further out. Many of the trains in Paris, including the ones on the RER B line feature folding seats around the door area so that at peak times more people can fit standing in that area while more seats can be available off peak. This also makes some standing space for the illustrated couple.

The last one is on the London tube. The trains are strikingly round to fit in the tight circular tunnels that give the system its informal name. This shows in the illustration as the ceiling curves up above the couple's heads.