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Timepiece is a story written by shukyou and illustrated by curanto. It ran in Special Issue 10 at http://s2b2.livejournal.com/303134.html, and is mirrored at http://www.shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/timepiece.


After agreeing to move in with her girlfriend, one woman shares an important secret; a reptile appears.

Author's Notes[edit]

From http://ladysisyphus.livejournal.com/882113.html:

This started life as a Harry-Potter-related idea many, many years ago, though the precise context for that genesis is a little more inexplicable. Nonetheless, Tsukizubon Saruko, by Massachusetts state law, owns half of this story.

Missy's full first name is Gbemisola, which is just lovely, though I figured that someone trying to pass for as normal and un-magical as possible might opt for a much more mundane nickname. Fun fact: It was originally going to be short for 'Artemis', but then I realized I was trying to indicate supernatural powers by grafting a Greek name onto a Yoruba woman, and I kicked myself in the head.

The art is incredible, and even more incredible for knowing that I contacted curanto the evening before the deadline and said, so, up for some last-minute ladysketching? So when you behold the gorgeousness that is the illustrations for this story, marvel extra knowing both how perfect they are to what I was picturing and how fast they came to life.

It is a miracle on the scale of transmutating a clock that this story happened at all, and for the sea of stress from whence it rose, I am pleased with its turtlish final form.