Tiştên Negotî (Words Not Needed)

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Tiştên Negotî (Words Not Needed) is a story written by natsumachi (馬遅夏海) and illustrated by beili. It ran in Issue 48 and can be read at LJ and the S2B2 website. Also available on AO3 with content tags.

The title is in Kurmanci dialect of Kurdish, and more literally means "things unsaid (by you)".


A young man pines for the man who has cared for him and been his rock since he was younger. Teasing, nostalgia, and phone sex. The setting is modern or near future, though not necessarily in a realistic contemporary world.

"Sohran wandered around the house while talking business with Ali over the phone, opened the kitchen cupboards, and glanced in at the pitiful contents of the fridge. He leaned against the kitchen sink and stared into the strip of garden warmed by the last of the afternoon sun, while imagining Ali in a night-lit private hospital room. He pushed off from the sink and returned down the main hallway, but passed by his own room, and into Ali's at the end of the hallway."


Tiştên Negotî is set before My Hawk, which also features Sohran.

It's not particularly secret that the story has its roots in AU fanfiction [1]. And fans of a certain giant robot anime might notice the references.

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