This Year's Prom King

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This Year's Prom King is a story written by shukyou and illustrated by calintz. It ran in Issue 13 and can be found at and


A goth concocts a way to hook up with a jock, and to his horror, the jock wants to do it again.

From "A young jock falls in love with the emo brother of his girlfriend (who’s really his ex-girlfriend, but they’re keeping up the pretense). A game of truth or dare changes everything. Rating: FLUFF – oddball, fun, and sweet."

From "This year's prom king gets to make out with his girlfriend's stepbrother in a closet because of a dare, and because he's the prom king, everything goes his way. Eventually."

Treat it like it's a movie. Opening scene, some rich kid's house, parents gone for the weekend, low light, booze and joints, inmates running the asylum. Credits in some trendy font roll while guitars rock out some overplayed pop hit. Zoom in on the kids, who have by this point all sprawled over the furniture in various states of fashionable disarray. Keep zooming until you get to the guy slouched in the middle of the nice beige loveseat, knees spread a mile wide, joint poised between two fingers, the one who's telling the joke that everyone's laughing at, the one responsible for no fewer than six of the beer cans that'll be gracing the recyclables bin come tomorrow.

That's me. I'm telling the story; I get the establishing shot.


This Year's Prom King is followed by three ficbits and one short story: This Year's Yule King, Movie Night, Student Films, and White Lines, respectively. The latter is narrated by Tristan, for a change.

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