Theories of Resonance, Laplace or Otherwise

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Theories of Resonance, Laplace or Otherwise is a story written by Ana Miruko. It ran in Issue 78 at


After having lived on Ganymede for so long, returning to Europa to guest conduct a piece with his old mentor's ensemble is more disorienting than Shen Markash had thought it would be. He thought he was prepared to close this chapter of his life, to let this be one final hurrah, but fate, politics, and a certain concertmaster may have other plans for him.

Author's Notes[edit]

The title of this piece refers to the orbits of the moons Europa and Ganymede, which revolve around Jupiter, along with Io, in a 1:2:3 resonance. For every orbit Ganymede completes around Jupiter, Europa completes exactly two, and Io exactly three, and this orbital resonance is called a Laplace Resonance. It was fun to think of differences between a society that had outposts on both Europa and Ganymede and how they might have been affected by that. Also any term I can twist into musical terms is a plus.

If you are curious about Talia and the politics going on on Ganymede towards the end, the aftermath of that is a F/F arranged marriage piece that can be found on AO3 as the very creatively titled Ganymede