The shadow in the classroom

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The shadow in the classroom is a story written by Hyakunichisou 13. It ran in Issue 57 at, and is mirrored at


From "It’s about a teacher who’s been having mysterious troubles in his classroom, and calls a supernatural investigator to investigate. It’s a well-told story, though the smut does not come from the source you would expect."


Stories featuring the same characters are (in order of occurrence):

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External Reviews[edit]

  • "a sequel to a story that ran in issue 52 and it was a world that I remembered very well since that story ran not so long ago. Our hero is still trying to help ghosts find the door to the other side, but this new ghost is giving him some trouble. I firmly believe that any sequel should pick up immediately from where this story ended since there were some unanswered questions that readers are going to still be wondering about at the close. Also, this sequel should be in the big bang December issue. The author should maybe write a big, long story in this world for the big bang. Just, you know, kind of TELL US WHAT HAPPENS NEXT in the BIG BANG ISSUE. Just a suggestion. No pressure. Just, you know, maybe some of us are, like, kind of wondering. Just, you know, whatever. It's cool. Quick read, thought provoking, and a little sad."