The Virgin Incubus

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The Virgin Incubus is a story written by juou no zan. It ran in Issue 70 at


An anxious incubus falls for his roommate, an asexual wizard.

Author's Notes[edit]

This story is set in the same universe as The Other Monster, though obviously in a different time (and place). So all of the horrible things I mentioned in those author's notes are true here, too, but this time they're in the story! You're welcome.

In my original outline for this story, I was worried about how on earth to make Hassan sympathetic, let alone likable. Hopefully, this concern now seems as silly to you as it does to me.

Cody's opinion on syllabus day is his own and does not reflect the views of the author. Syllabus day is great.

Hassan is not entirely correct about Egypt's trading partner Punt, please do not take this fictional college freshman's word as 100% correct. He has the sort of information one might have by reading about it several months earlier and forgetting most of the details, which was also method writing. I am nothing if not dedicated.

So is magic a force, or an energy, or a particle? I do not know and to some extent, I do not care. It's not important here, and I'm not a physicist so I don't know that I would make the best choice anyway.

At one point, Cody counts himself as neurotypical. He is, as at many other points of the story, fooling himself. To be fair, he is a baby and has no idea how little anxiety other people have.

Kev and his boyfriends originally played a larger role in the story, but then Cody turned out very anxious and not the kind of guy who would do those things. So we don't get to meet a vampire or a naga, which is probably for the best considering how much magic worldbuilding is already in this thing.

Speaking of cut scenes, here is a short list of scenes that didn't make it:

  • a threesome (no Hassan so WHO CARES not me)
  • phone sex (ditto)
  • a very cute bursting into the room and interrupting a skype call and yelling "I love you" (which I just couldn't make work once I cut the other things rip)
  • helping each other do homework, which was a cute idea but ended up scrapped bc I have no idea how to make "doing homework" interesting and honestly didn't care enough to try

Finally, the books Cody and/or Hassan explicitly talk about are Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond, and The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. In case you were burning with curiosity about whether or not I made up some books. I didn't! ~Now you know~

I hope you enjoyed my story about an anxious incubus and his asexual wizard boyfriend. I sure enjoyed writing it.