The Two Witches

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The Two Witches is a story written by A.S. Mara. It originally ran in Issue 77 at


A witch and a witch make a house visit. The hostess welcomes their arrival, then screams at them, then at herself. Carrots are involved. Raw liver is not.

Author's Notes[edit]

For the little frog, who requested this ages ago. I hope you like it.

Set in the same verse as In the Name of Love, in an imagined world where the magic of older days didn't get wiped out so completely.

kedondong asam boi: main ingredients include kedondong (a fruit), asam boi (sour plum, I think), generous amounts of lime, sugar and water. I am learning to love it.

A world of thanks to the editor for the valuable feedback and infinite patience. This story wouldn't exist without it.