The Taste of Red

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The Taste of Red is a story written by Octavius. It ran in Issue 9 at, and is mirrored at


From "two boys fall in love against a backdrop of 1960s china & political turmoil."

Author's Note[edit]

I’m a little rusty at the original fic, so I’m sorry if the characterization is a bit sketchy. Let me set a few things straight first. This is not meant to be a political piece, or even meant to express the author’s opinion about communism in China, or her personal opinion about the Red Guard, the communist Army, or any sort of political justification/ramification. While there may be undercurrents of opinion, this story does not seek in any way to change your beliefs. It is merely a story of boys falling in love against a backdrop of war and political change. Take it easy, have a good one, hope you enjoyed!