The Tao Master

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The Tao Master is a story written by Koizumi Shinme. It originally ran in Issue 4 at, and is mirrored at


From "Because priests and silly nobles are OTP?"

Author's Notes[edit]

Author's Note: This is not a work of fanfiction for the novels, manga, and/or movies collectively titled "Onmyouji". It is based instead on a folk tale translated by Royall Tyler in his 2001 book, "Japanese Tales". Abe no Seimei was a real person; the other characters in this tale are never named.

Language Note: I have followed Tyler's word choices except in the following cases: "yin-yang master" becomes "Tao master", though neither is exactly correct for the Japanese interpretation. I switch only to make a connection for some readers to the trickster aspect of the Tao masters in Chinese folklore. Also, "genie" returns to "shikigami" because there is simply no translation that bears even the slightest resemblance, as evinced by Tyler's desperate use of a word from another language and culture altogether.

Any remaining inaccuracies are my own. - Koisumi Shinme