The Stimulating Adventures of Captain Dick Phallus

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The Stimulating Adventures of Captain Dick Phallus is a standalone illustration by Enkaiein and SeishinNoUwagi. It ran in Issue 56 at, and is mirrored at


Peruse the latest titillating trilogy from the hit series Space Adventures featuring the ever-ready Captain Dick Phallus and his flexible companion Aodh. Fifteen cents at newsstands today!

TheStimulatingAdventuresOfCaptainDickPhallus-1small.jpg TheStimulatingAdventuresOfCaptainDickPhallus-2small.jpg TheStimulatingAdventuresOfCaptainDickPhallus-3small.jpg

Artist's Notes[edit]

The drawings were done in Photoshop, and the lettering in Powerpoint.

Art References[edit]

  • Comic Artist's Photo Reference: Men and Boys by Buddy Scalera (2008)
  • Every 1950s pulp space fiction book and magazine cover the artists could find

External Reviews[edit]

  • "These are not real stories you can read, but they should be and this art should be on the covers. I don't often have anything other than "oohhh pretty" to say about the standalone art, but I MUST write about this. I have maybe never laughed so hard in my life. I know for a fact I have never loved any art from s2b2 as much as I love this art. Nothing even comes close. These are perfect and funny and filled with wonderful, raunchy detail. My favorite part is the pistol, to be honest, because sometimes those old book covers had a pistol like this UNINTENTIONALLY and here the artists were like, "BOOM! WE DID IT ON PURPOSE! Take THAT!" That's brilliant on so many levels. Also, the hero seems completely more fascinated with killing aliens than getting laid. He's so good at sex, he doesn't have to try. Why don't these stories exist????!!!???? Sigh. But, yes. Best. Art. Ever."