The Sad Blanket

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The Sad Blanket is a story written by shukyou and illustrated by r_a_parker. It ran in Issue 35 and can be found at and


Vengeancers Vassemble!

Alone in the command center Richard sat, his elbows braced against the shiny black roundtable, leaning forward into his clasped hands, resting his lips against his steepled index fingers. The machines around him buzzed and hummed, but he paid them no mind; he stared straight ahead at nothing, though even his expressionless face told its own story. He'd changed back into his civilian clothes, a shirt and slacks so expensive they looked cheap. His graphite-grey helmet lay on the table next to him, cracked up the left side, and a half-patched wound up his left cheek toward his ear told of where the helmet had been when it had suffered that damage. Alone, he waited, and he'd wait as long as he had to, impeccable and patient.

From "Pseudo Joss Whedon falls in love with pseudo Chris Evans. It is super adorable. :D"


The Sad Blanket is part of the Whitniverse.

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Author's Notes[edit]

Usually I'm pretty coy about my story origins. This time, I'm going to be up-front about it: this entire story was inspired by this series of pictures of Chris Evans, and on beeblebabe's subsequent commentary about it:
Why are you wrapped in a blanky, Chris Evans? Is it cold in Cleveland? I don’t think it is because it’s August! Are you working through some emotional issues and needed your comfort item? Did Joss Whedon talk you through some heavy stuff and then gently wrap a blanket around your shoulders to make you feel better?
And thus was born the story before you, the alternate earth timeline where alternate earth Joss Whedon makes alternate earth Chris Evans fall in love with him while they work on an alternate earth Avengers movie.

beeblebabe -- who is responsible for so much of this, especially all of Brandon's great lines -- used the phrase 'Mad Magazine parody' to describe what's going on here, and that's about the long and the short of it. It's a very silly story, and it's supposed to be. I mean, really, if calling the team the 'Vengeancers' wasn't a tip-off to the general level of ridiculousness being attempted here, I don't know what to say. Sharp-eyed Whedon fans will also notice many tipped hats in various directions, because I won't pretend the man is perfect, but heavens to betsy do I love his work.

peripheralsight also deserves a large side dish of gratitude for being inspirational and supportive of this very stupid endeavor.

Not mentioned in the story: the following year, Josh will go on to make a Professor Terrible's Karaoke YouTube Channel II, where Noel will reprise the title role and Brandon will play Professor Terrible's new threat/love interest. The network will give Josh more creative control over the Vengeancers sequel and allow him to bring in more of his usual actors, including some of the unsung heroes from Seraph and Toybox. And no one will ever stop being mad that Dragonfly was cancelled.


External Reviews[edit]

  • "This is an adorable story about an actor and a director who are both geeks and also happen to be into each other (in a completely consensual non-power differential kind of way). [my favourite from this issue. also thinly disguised joss whedon/chris evans]"
  • "thinly disguised avengers rpf about two very nerdy people? okay! a little embarrassment squicky but it gets resolved in a non-embarrassing way"