The Revelation of Orev

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The Revelation of Orev ran in Issue 34 and was submitted by Koiwa Shishiko and illustrated by quaedam. It's published at and mirrored at

It originally ran without art, but an illustration by quaedam was commissioned later.


A young king seeks dramatic religious reforms, and he unexpectedly finds support from a priest who appears to be channeling the voice of God.

The man put his mouth next to Aryeh's ear. "Do not give in to the jackals and the serpents that surround you, Ze'ev. You are stronger than they are. You are stronger because you know the truth."

"Truth?" Aryeh said. "What truth?"

"That God is angry." The man's voice dropped to a whisper that made the hairs on Aryeh's neck stand. "The Lord says this: if Giveah hides her eyes from Me, then I will abandon you. You will have no recourse. A wife who does not know her husband is no wife at all."


The Revelation of Orev follows Her Lamp Does Not Go Out at Night and features many of the same characters.

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The Revelation of Orev has been featured on Goodreads as a weekly group read.

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The more I read, the further I was drawn into the story. The characters are well developed (I think this is a theme with my recs haha), and the story progresses with a very good pace. The relationship between the two develops logically (with a little help from god =O) and the plot is very intriguing as well. This story comes in three parts.