The Purple Pony Job

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The Purple Pony Job is a story written by Sparklebeard. It originally ran in Yes, And 4 at, and is mirrored at


A team of mostly-reformed thieves and con artists plans a heist in a gentleman's club. Sometimes going undercover means wearing the tiniest gold briefs in the known universe.

Author's Notes[edit]

Several months ago I had a brief conversation on twitter about what a Leverage episode centered around a strip club would look like, and the idea lay dormant in the back of my mind until just before this issue's deadline. While the setup here is obviously Leverage-influenced, Jules, Ellis, and Anthony are a bit younger than anyone on the Leverage team and don't have much high-tech equipment or an international reputation just yet. The three of them started working together when Jules hired Anthony and Ellis to help take down a group of landlords and city officials who were illegally evicting tenants from rent-controlled properties a couple years before this story takes place. No one had to strip for that job, much to everyone's relief.

Yes, the LED light-up underwear is real. I did consider having this monstrosity show up in the story for real, as I figure Anthony could easily program it to say something more interesting, but alas it just didn't fit in anywhere.