The Prince's Plaything

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The Prince's Plaything is a story written by juou no zan. It originally ran in Issue 64 at, and is mirrored at

Author's Notes[edit]

Most of this was written by hand in a tiny notebook while at work, backstage at a Christmas show, mere feet away from the child actors I was responsible for dressing. I'm a little surprised how little of the show I was working on ended up filtered in here. I guess it might help that the story was outlined and started back in the summer, and never was going to include any dramatic snowy monologues or big dance numbers.

I do not actually recommend hand writing 10,000 words over the course of two weeks in between your job duties.

You have my most reliable beta to thank if you were especially excited by how much focus there was on haircare as a form of intimacy. I definitely put that in to pander to her.