The Pond by the Well

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The Pond by the Well ran in Special Issue 4 and was submitted by Koiwa Shishiko. It's published at and mirrored at


A young woman visits a pond she used to play in as a child and discovers a fantastical creature within it.

She looked young, with long dark hair and uncovered breasts, and loops of what looked like blue and green silk floating around her without actually clothing her. She was suspended within the water perfectly, like a fish, neither fighting her weight nor her buoyancy, and she smiled at Emelie like she had a secret she was dying to share. She spread her arms, long and pale, glittering with strange jewelry, and make a beckoning gesture. Emelie could not see her legs.


As of this writing, The Pond by the Well has no known connections to any other stories or settings.

External Reviews[edit]

  • "Another “twist on a fairytale” type of thing. A mermaid and a maiden, if you will. It is also eyebrow-scorchingly hot."
  • "a young widow finds solace in unexpected places. Story contains a mermaid. This one I recommend mostly on the grounds that it is pretty darn hot, I mean I don’t even."