The Other Monster

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The Other Monster is a story written by juou no zan. It ran in Issue 63 at, and is mirrored at

Author's Notes[edit]

Continuing my streak of “no porn without discussions about consent in”, although obviously this is a bad example in that, it happens after the sexytimes, but it’s also a bad example because like, monster magic drugs or something.

This story actually fits into a vague monster-verse continuity I’ve been playing with, so the rules for incubi and werewolves were already fairly established in my head, and the story developed around them. It does probably take place in a earlier-than-modern time frame, but I didn’t think it was terribly important to this story to figure out when. (...Also that involved more world-building than I could deal with this year, whoops) So this is vaguely mid-20th-century. Pre-cell phones, at least. Probably not before WWII.

There was actually a lot of stuff I knew about Derek and Alex that didn’t make it into the story, since I tried to pull back out of their heads and let their thoughts and feelings be implied by the narrative. There ended up not being a place for them to talk about some stuff, but this is definitely where this particular story ends, and though I know a little more about what happens in their lives together, I do not foresee it being a very interesting story, so I’ll just spoil it here.

  • Derek’s “aunt” Maggie, the one who turned him, was trying to have a kid with her husband when she lost it and turned Derek. She felt like it was her responsibility to take care of this new werewolf; her husband disagreed.
  • Derek’s parents took him over to Maggie’s on a regular basis, and for every full moon. When he was about nine, they didn’t come back for him. Maggie took him in. *This was the last straw for her husband, and he left her. Not immediately, but it was clear that was the reason.
  • Alex’s parents were both humans, though obviously his dad was not his biological father. The rest of the family was pretty rude to Alex’s mom about this, even though Alex’s dad never said anything or treated Alex like he wasn’t his. See, what had happened was, they decided it was probably better for the family to think she was an unfaithful slut than to be like “no we had a threesome with this monster guy it was awesome but now we have this monster child”, because, homophobia. I mean also monsters are bad but the main concern was definitely how they’d treat Alex’s dad.
  • Alex’s parents died when he was a fairly old teenager, of vague dead parent disease I guess (no it was probably the flu or some other contagious illness), and the rest of the family was like “well you’re not really related to us, sorry sweaty :)”
  • Only fun and happy backstories here at qz creations
  • This is probably a thing Derek would ask in the next couple hours, because it’s a good fucking question. Why did Alex not try to escape once the gang was obviously treating him shitty? They weren’t exactly guarding him or hiding tools or anything.
    • Here is where the fact that the rules for incubi were well-established in my head already comes into play. There’s a whole lot of stuff and reasoning behind this but it boils down to sexual abuse still being sustaining, magic-wise, for incubi/succubi/concubi, but in a similar way to like. Junk food. It’s bad for you, but it will more or less keep you alive, if not healthy. It’s also, to a certain type of concubus, kind of addictive. This absolutely has terrible implications, I know, but it’s also sort of the reason Alex could end up in this situation, and, more importantly, not escape before Derek got there. He wasn’t literally trapped, but. He was trapped.
    • (this is a thing concubi are really careful to not tell people, because, holy shit that’s a terrible thing to be true but a more terrible thing for other people to know about and be able to take advantage of)
  • Only fun and happy worldbuilding here also

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this story about monsters, addiction narratives, and loneliness, or at least the pornographic parts.

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